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Special Fasteners Per Print

Since our inception in 1975, K-J has continued to work hard to be a cost-effective supplier of special fasteners and machined parts per print (which remain our core competencies). With our captive in-house machine shop performing CNC turning, milling, and secondary operations and supported by a well-managed vendor base; we can meet all of your special fasterner requirements. We work closely with our customers to develop JIT programs on their typically non-off-the-shelf production items. You still benefit from volume pricing, but with monthly or weekly releases. K-J will dedicate it's inventory (and creative energies) to your special parts.

Over the last 30 plus years K-J has grown to become a full line distributor of a wide ...

Bagging, Kitting, and Assembling Services

Our customers continue to challenge us to find new ways to add value and reduce costs.

To meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace, K-J developed a "Kits and Assemblies" division which has been our fastest growing product line. We have always provided bagging services for nuts and bolts. As customers discovered our sourcing capabilities and reasonable labor rates, requests started coming in for...

...more complicated assemblies involving multi-components, often non-fastener related. As our projects became more diverse, K-J became more proactive in helping our customers with their sub-assembly needs. Whether your requirements involve hard to find parts, products provided by you, or special packaging, we will put all ...

Metric Special Fasteners Per Print

In addition to english units, K-J Fastener's produces specialty fasteners in metric units. CNC turning, milling, and secondary capabilities are all operations that can be handled in our in-house machine shop. K-J is also affilliated with a large vendor base capable of producing your desired part. Clients with unique custom production items can work with K-J to develop JIT programs. As a customer volume pricing will occur with monthly or weekly releases. At K-J we're also dedicated to providing affordable costs in the areas of:

  • Cold Heading
  • Hot Forging
  • Stampings
  • Bent Products
  • Sintered Metal products
  • DIN, ISO & ANSI Fasteners

    Most of these special products are available in diameters of 00 cm to 15.24cm, in ...
  • Secondary-Services

    Secondary Services

    As a distributor, K-J Fasteners can ensure that your part is created by quality manufacturers. We're also equipped with an in-house machine shop capable of handling secondary operations. Your part may require index drilling, tapping, slotting, milling, counterboring, threading, or reaming. These are just a few of the secondary operations we can have administered to your products. Our team has the experience to determine the proper heat treatment and plating for your material as well as the appropriate manufacturer to perform the job to your satisfaction.

    Secondary services are provided in conjuction with assembly work as well as manufactured products.

    Custom Manufactured Bolts

    At K-J Fasteners we take pride in delivering custom bolts that can't be found off the shelf. As a well reputed distributor we provide numerous companies across diverse industries with the unique parts they need. Whether it be hex bolts, hex head, carriage, anchor, eye, T-slots, plow, step, or U-bolts, K-J has the resources to produce your desired part at a cost effective price.

    Most of these special products are available in diameters of 00" to 6", in any length, and out of all materials on the market today. All parts are subjected to our ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

    Socket Products

    Supplying specialized socket products is one of our many proficiencies here at K-J Fasteners. Button and flat socket heads, hex keys, socket head cap screws, socket pipe plugs, socket set screws, socket shoulder screws, and metrics are just some of the many socket products we distribute. Our one-stop-shop service delivers your final product finishes and secondary services.

    Most of these special products are available in diameters of 00" to 6", in any length, and out of all materials on the market today. All parts are subjected to our ISO 9001 certified quality management system.

    Standard Hardware Inventory System

    The ability to lower unit pricing on standard hardware stock items has been increasingly difficult. The challenge to find new ways to relieve margin pressures by reducing inventory and lowering acquisition costs is more important than ever. Over the last 15 years K-J has worked hard to meet these needs with AMS.

    AMS was created as a flexible and comprehensive program that allows K-J to work with the customer (purchasing, receiving, and accounting) to design a system tailored to their specialized (plant and office) processes. We choose from a variety of tools such as e-mail, bar coding, EDI, returnable containers and dedicated inventory to name a few.

    Lower your inventory $$! Improve turns! Reduce overhead! Minimize ...
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